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Feature-Rich Online Stores

Prepared by highly experienced Web Designers

e-commerce web design online storesFinding a web design and development business to build an online retail website with e-commerce capability is easy. The trouble is though, you will end up with a vastly different end result and often pricing will also vary from illogical amounts like $1,000 up to the hard to believe likes of $20,000. You will also find that there appears to be no way of judging the difference between either end result and the website functionality also varies greatly. It is so hard to see what you get for your planned investment.

The team at FastDesign have been involved in building, running and improving online e-commerce websites for large and small retailers and wholesalers for the last 5 years.

Our e-commerce systems are absolutely state of the art and able to handle unlimited numbers of transactions from physical products through to downloadable e-products. Regardless of whether you are looking to have a fully functional e-commerce site or wish to take a series of small steps toward full blown e-commerce, our platform enables you to have a little or a lot and won't cost you the earth.

If you want to, you can also manage every facet of very creative website design of your website yourself across ALL features and functions. There is a vast amount of online support on our platform as well as training videos and a user forum to help you move toward self management.

Get in touch with us to discuss your e-commerce needs. You will be surprised about how much you get for such a modest investment.

Features and functions

Main Features of FastDesign Online Stores

  • Sell any type of product including downloadable e-Product
  • Give discounts to single customers or groups of customer for any catalogue/s
  • Powerful customer database that interacts with the online shop.
  • Control inventory levels and re-order levels
  • During checkout there is cross and up sell features - "Would you like fries with that"
  • International currency support
  • Sell or issue Gift Vouchers to customers
  • SEO ready for Google, Yahoo and Bing (formally Windows Live) - take a look at some of our Search Engine Success stories
  • Professional reporting tools
  • We'll custom-design a site design just for you

Integrated Customer Database

  • Purchase history per customer
  • Loyalty rewards can be given to customers or groups of customers
  • Customers can login and see their past orders

Catalogues and Products

  • Unlimited products
  • Assign product attributes and control shipping options per product
  • Photo Gallery per product with up to 10 images per gallery
  • Quote system available for manual off line processing
  • Make any catalogue available only through login
  • Sale system crosses out the pricing e.g. was $99 now only $49.
  • Manage all of your catalogues and products online
  • Group similar products as well as cross sell and up sell
  • Related products can be displayed separately at check out time

e-Commerce Reporting

  • Very strong e-commerce and customer reporting framework
  • Track all product sales and all payments
  • Track where and when customer abandon their purchase and close their web browser
  • Very detailed reporting on almost any performance and customer metric
  • Hide products if they are out of stock
  • Allow out of stock or new products to be pre-ordered


  • International currency and tax codes
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Payment Gateways are easily integrated - most are available in one click
  • Process sales off line and process payment using existing POS system
  • Discount Codes



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