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Linking to other Content

Linking to other content such as pages, documents, files, pictures:


  1. Once you're logged in go to Content Management/Content/List
  2. Find the page you are looking for and hit Edit
  3. Select the current items and hit Unlink Button as in the unlink image(attached) - green arrow
  4. Hit the Link button which is right next to Unlink to bring up the Link Window and press Browse Server
  5. In the File Browser menu press Upload button as in the attached image vame browser
  6. To find a file you want on your computer press Browse (red arrow) and press Upload when done (green arrow)
  7. In the File Browser find the file you want to upload and press Insert File (blue arrow)
  8. Back in the Link Window select <other> under Protocol and press OK to link the file
  9. In the Page/Product window scroll down and press Save to commit the changes
  10. Go to the Page/Product on your website and test the link to make sure it works
  11. If everything works OK - you are done


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